The Prophet’s Sermon on Ramadan

Baihaqi reported on the authority of Salman Al-Farsi
(Radhi Allah ‘Anh) that Prophet (‘Alaihi Salat was-
Salam) delivered a sermon on the last day of the month
of Sha’ban. In it he (‘Alaihi Salat was-Salam) said,
“O People! The month of Allah (Ramadan) has come
with its mercies, blessings and forgivenesses. Allah
has decreed this month the best of all months. The
days of this month are the best among the days and
the nights are the best among the nights and the hours
during Ramadan are the best among the hours. This is
a month in which you have been invited by Him (to fast
and pray). Allah has honoured you in it. In every
breath you take is a reward of Allah, your sleep is
worship, your good deeds are accepted and your
invocations are answered.
Therefore, you must invoke your Lord in all
earnestness with hearts free from sin and evil, and
pray that Allah may help you to keep fast, and to recite
the Holy Qur’an. Indeed!, miserable is the one who is
deprived of Allah’s forgiveness in this great month.
While fasting remember the hunger and thirst on the
Day of Judgement. Give alms to the poor and needy.
Pay respect to your elders, have sympathy for your
youngsters and be kind towards your relatives and
kinsmen. Guard your tongue against unworthy words,
and your eyes from scenes that are not worth seeing
(forbidden) and your ears from sounds that should not
be heard.
Be kind to orphans so that if your children may
become orphans they will also be treated with
kindness. Do repent to Allah for your sins and
supplicate with raised hands at the times of prayer as
these are the best times, during which Allah Almighty
looks at His servants with mercy. Allah Answers if they
supplicate, Responds if they call, Grants if He is asked,
and Accepts if they entreat. O people! you have made
your conscience the slave of your desires.
Make it free by invoking Allah for forgiveness. Your
back may break from the heavy load of your sins, so
prostrate yourself before Allah for long intervals, and
make this load lighter. Understand fully that Allah has
promised in His Honour and Majesty that, people who
perform salat and sajda (prostration) will be guarded
from Hell-fire on the Day of Judgement.
O people!, if anyone amongst you arranges for iftar
(meal at sunset) for any believer, Allah will reward him
as if he had freed a slave, and Allah will forgive him his
sins. A companion asked: “but not all of us have the
means to do so” The Prophet (SAAWS) replied: Keep
yourself away from Hell-fire though it may consist of
half a date or even some water if you have nothing
O people!, anyone who during this month cultivates
good manners, will walk over the Sirat (bridge to
Paradise) on the day when feet will tend to slip. For
anyone who during this month eases the workload of
his servants, Allah will make easy his accounting, and
for anyone who doesn’t hurt others during this month,
Allah will safeguard him from His Wrath on the Day of
Judgement. Anyone who respects and treats an
orphan with kindness during this month, Allah shall
look at him with kindness on that Day. Anyone who
treats his kinsmen well during this month, Allah will
bestow His Mercy on him on that Day, while anyone
who mistreats his kinsmen during this month, Allah
will keep away from His Mercy.
Whomever offers the recommended prayers during
this month, Allah will save him from Hell, and
whomever observes his obligations during this month,
his reward will be seventy times the reward during
other months. Whomever repeatedly invokes Allah’s
blessings on me, Allah will keep his scale of good deeds
heavy, while the scales of others will be tending to
lightness. Whomever recites during this month an ayat
(verse) of the Holy Qur’an, will get the reward of
reciting the whole Qur’an in other months.
O people!, the gates of Paradise remain open during
this month. Pray to your Lord that they may not be
closed for you. While the gates of Hell are closed, pray
to your Lord that they never open for you. Satan has
been chained, invoke your Lord not to let him dominate
Ali ibn Talib (RAA) said: “I asked, ‘O messenger of
Allah, what are the best deeds during this month’?”
‘He replied: ‘O Abu-Hassan, the best of deeds during
this month is to be far from what Allah has forbidden’.”


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