My son Muhammad aged 6 asked me “Mamma, why do we fast in Ramadan”?
“Surely Allah does not like to see us hungry or thirsty replied my 13 year old daughter.

“Let me explain you with the help of the story of Hanzala” I replied.
Hanzala was 10 year old when he decided he
wanted to join the navy. Immediately he had to
change from


the main stream school to a military
boarding school, then he was taught swimming,
daily rigorous exercises and diet schedule of
eating good healthy food, mountain climbing,
digging pits, also remaining hungry for hours
together and he underwent many other ways of
Although he wasn’t given the badge to wear
which he had yearned for years to wear
‘Commandor’ he kept training himself until his
goal was achieved. So similarly Allah swt wants us
to become His slave for whom he trains us
everyday through 5 daily salah and once a year
for 30 days through fasting. He shields and
protects in this month by locking the satan and
making our nafs weak by keeping us hungry so
that we do more of Ibadah and keep going closer
to Allah.
Hanzala had to abstain from halal food to train
him and had to go through rigorous exercises
which looked like punishment to achieve his goal
so we too abstain from sins like geebah hatred
anger gossip to attain the pleasure of Allah.
Hanzala finally achieved his goal after working
hard for 12 years; he got the prestigious badge
shining which he was very proud to show
But Allah swt gives us a chance to become closer
to Him in 30 days and then He remains close for
a life time if we achieve it through repentance
and constant good deeds. Allah is so merciful he
forgives His slaves even when their heart turns to
Him in repentance. Our faces become radiant
with our Salah and recitation of the Quran and
most importantly the Master of the Universe is
happy with us. So u see Hanzala achieved a
temporary success whilst if we strive hard we
could be successful in both the worlds
We also become aware that Allah is As Baseer the
All Seeing Al Khabeer the All Knowing. When we
perform wudhu we could gulp down a couple of
sips of water but we do not do that because we
are reminded that no one can see those drops
going down my throat but the Al Baseer and Al
Khabeer will surely know it. Similarly when no
one is at home or we are alone on our way from
school we are conscious that Allah is watching me
and we do not eat anything and bear the pangs
of thirst and hunger to please Him
SO this month trains us to abstain from the halal
things by keeping in mind that Allah is watching
us so that after Ramadan it is easier to keep
away from sins. This is a training period. He has
blessed us with suhur and iftar so we do not
have to go hungry entirely like other religions.
So let’s get trained and ask for Allah for His
mercy, forgiveness, guidance and Taqwa in this
Ramadan. I hope you find this useful for your
kids too.
written by Umme Muhammad


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