How prophet Muhammed{PBUH} adopted a slave.

     Prophet Muhammed set a good example of kindness, which created a salutary effect upon his people. His wife khadijah made him a present of a young slave named Zaid Ibn Haritha, who had been brought as a captive to Mecca and sold to Khadijah. When Haritha, the slave father heard that Prophet Muhammed possessed his son, Zaid, he came to Mecca and offered a large sum for his ransom. Whereupon Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) said:

“Let Zaid come here, and if he chooses to go with you, take him without ransom; but if it be his choice to stay with me, why should i not keep him?”

  Zaid being brought into prophet Muhammed’s presence declared that he would stay with his master, who treated him as if he were his only son. Prophet Muhammed no sonner heard this then took Zaid by the hand and led him to the black stone of Ka’ba, where he publicly adopted Zaid as his son, to which his father acquiesced and returned home well satisfied. Henceforth Zaid was called the son of Muhammed.


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