Show me wonderland and I will let you live.

    There was a man, a muslim man. He was in his house one afternoon, his wife and children weren’t at home. The door bell rang and he was sure his family were back home. He advanced to the door, opened it without asking who was there nor look to see who it was. He just opened it when suddenely a young man jumped in.
  At first he thought the visitor was lost, but on sighting a gun on his hand he prostrated immediately.

“Take anything you want”he pleaded.

“I am not a thief you fool…i am an assassin” and the words iced the man ear. He looked up at him from where he was prostrating with a look of helplessness and hopelessness.

“Are you mister Kazim?”the assassin asked the man.

“Why? Why do you ask? Who sent you?” was the man’s trembling reply.

“I will take that as a “yes” “,the assassin concluded, pointing his gun at Kazim’s head.

“Please don’t kill me…I don’t want to die now! I don’t want to meet God in this condition! I have missed a lot of prayers,i have cheated on my wife, i have eaten and done the forbidden without asking forgiveness from God. Please don’t send me there now! I don’t want to go to hell!!!” Mister kazim pleaded, his knees kissing the floor, his eyes dripping down tears, and his heart wishing that he would see the rise of the sun the next day.

The assassin was transfixed. He stared at the man with disbelief and probably was surprised.

“What are you talking about?!” the assassin asked him.

“You don’t know how it is in there; in hell! I won’t pray for my worst enemy to go in there” kazim replied, still shedding tears, carrying a sympathetic face and hoping that this man won’t kill him today, and if he doesn’t kill him, he swore and promised himself that he will never miss any prayer ever again.

    Surprisinly the assassin was thinking and was almost absent minded. Kazim had a thought to rush up and jump on him, struggle on the floor and then if he get killed he would atleast know he fought for his life.
But he didn’t. The assassin asked him.

“Does hell fire truely exist?”

“Yes, and so does paradise” was kazim sharp reply so that the assassin would know that God can still forgive him.

“Prove it to me, and then maybe i will let you live” the assassin instructed.

   Kazim was lost. He was clueless. He wasn’t exactly a faithful muslim, and his knowledge about his religion was very poor. After a few minutes of cluelessness, he decided to grab a quran that was in his book shelf. It was very dusty. He had even forgotten that it was there till this very moment.
   Again he could not read the quran but luckingly it was a quran with an english translation and that was all he needed, but again he had no deep nor little knowledge about the quran. He was just a muslim by name.

“Stop wasting my time! I don’t have all day, i might as well kill you and take that book with me!” the assassin shouted impatiently.

  Kazim panicked by opening any page in the quran, hoping to waste the assassin’s time till somebody comes in that would make him flee away. He prayed for his next door neighbour, a navy man who works out a lot to just knock and enter, but that was rather impossible because Kazim wasn’t a good neighbour and both of them weren’t in good terms, so there was no chance of that happening.

“Read that out!” the assassin ordered Kazim who had opened a page out of rashness. It was a short verse about paradise but was very concise yet detailed and imaginable with unimaginable characteristics. Kazim himself was touched by it. But did it prove anything to the assassin?
  The assassin pointed the gun at kazim. This was it! Kazim thought and reflected about his 30 years in this world in just 30 seconds.

“Take the gun from me!”the assassin ordered kazim who looked up and saw the man sincerely handing him the gun.

“Does that place truely exist?” The assassin questioned Kazim after he had handed him the gun. Kazim replied in the affirmative and the assassin declared that he would rather remain poor in this world so that he can enter the wonderland than kill, steal and cause corruption and destruction on earth just to be rich or filthy rich and end up going to hell fire.

  About five minutes later the door opened and Kazim’s wife and children ran him.

“Darling we have two new converts” kazim said to his wife.

  “Alhamdulilah. May Allah bless you” she said to the man then turned to her husband “where is the second person?”

“That’s me” he said. “I have been calling myself a muslim when infact i have been acting like an unbeliver.I am now determined to be the best muslim alive”

“Alhamdulilah, Allah has finally answered my prayer for you.” his wife said.


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