As the sun reaches it zenith & the moon becomes full,
Soldiers are deployed at various point,
Allowing their thought to wander away into ephemeral violence,
Well armed, Red pointers at human sight,
killing in the pretence of liberation,
Defenceless civilians murdered in sight,
I don’t have the adequate vocabulary to constructively &
emotionally create that atmosphere,.
As a poet they don’t mind if I make a sound But it’s a
real problem if I ever get too loud,
It enrages me,
I’m bitterly miffed,
Imagine the agony, stress, depression & tension they
are going through, Let’s be factual,
Their based desire & legitimate purpose is to associate ,affiliate & standardize us as terrorist,
They come in front of our tv & give us speech our
forefathers have never heard of,
Humanity in it eternity have been blindfolded & deviated from the truth,
They have become the fixed & Luminous center around
which innumerable lifestyle revolves, Civilization will not
lead mankind to insanity,
It feels good to be in power ,
But a day will come when they will ponder, reflect & introspect,
but their reflection will be to no avail,
Reflect over what I say, In silence & tranquillity,
We may be on a Long arduous journey,
But victory is to the oppressed,
Categorically & selectively speaking ,
It will become a practical reality,
Innocent souls are been lost everyday,
In pakistan,Syria,Iraq,Iran
Yet the conference continues,
Killings intensifies,
Women are murdered,
Fathers are slaughtered,
Kids are held captive some rigorously excluded, Without
them labouring humanity searching for peace will perish,
It’s a sad time we live in,
Educated leaders with no heart of human sympathy,
Acting upon their based desires & ego,
You may call this character assassination,
I call it supreme words of justice ,
Only time will tell who is the true terrorist.

Almighty Allah says: “And when it is said to them,
“Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.”
Al-Quran (2:11).

By Abdulkadir Jnr.


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