POEM: Jannah.

Jannah forever and ever an eternity,
only to those who invest their ability & time,
on profitable dignity,
Jannah calls yet we decline,
and still in line with worldly activities,
deceived by worldly pleasures of hidden fantasies,
vanity upon vanity,
a soul is lost,
It all vanishes,
on this memorable momentous moment,
open your mind to reality,
and strive for jannah
for truly the thrones and crown await,
It seems so far but yet so close,
Which of the favor of the lord can you deny?
Bricks made of silver & gold
Mansions on mansions,
You can mention,
rivers flowing in btw
All these to the believer, with good intentions,
Every single thing,
at your finger tip,
river with water, milk,honey and wine,
all for the believers,
fruits hanging in rows,
You may call it fairy tale,
Weigh it on a scale and it will prevail,
Which of the favor of the lord can you deny?
No time limit,
No limitation,
to any incantation,
Every structure is based on your satisfaction,
Gone is pain & battle for fame,
Use your brain and don’t be lame
The worldly goodies have nothing to offer,
Its just in vain,
Save yourself jannah nd avoid the shame,
Insane you are,
If you are still on a journey for fortune in dunyah,
You will fumble & stumble,
remain humble,
For the prize of hereafter,
Is better than the world and everything in it.

By Abdulkadir jnr


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