Late in december i remember,
So vividly when every member of some Malian families
were falsely executed,
Kids were left out,
too young to see their mama & papa
Slaughtered all in the name of war,
Responsibilities accumulated,
yet no accommodation nor education,
hustling for survival under the hot sunny harsh weather,
life is such a roller coaster,
now i believe in the book things fall apart,
I remember the last word mama said,
as she held tight and whispered in an emotional
Never let the scars change who you are,
but let them determine who you become,
this words have been buried inside me,
Lord please see me through,
this can’t be true,
i have been through a lot,
but still not enough to fill the pot,
my pain is real,
Imagine a world of children raising children,
feeling of being left behind and how life isn’t
but in the end we can always move on,
Each day I would close my eyes and pray,
hoping the world would see our pictures,
and feel our pain as they stare within inches,
but its all fairly-tale,
As mama said, its a world of injustice,
we only look up to the provider,
Let the body suffer the pain,
there’s always a brighter day,
at the end of the day!


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