Sometimes i don’t even know how i feel,

It feels like the mountain have been mounted upon me,

the views are becoming blurring,

My heart keeps melting every night
as these problems accumulate in 4 letters, “Lost”

My life is a puzzle,
i need someone to break it down,

My heart is fragile,
be careful how you handle me,
My words are becoming empty,
please understand how i feel,

i look minor when i stare in the mirror,
you can hardly tell cause this pain feast on my soul
It hurts me, it bite’s me, it consumes me

i only look up to the provider,


as i wait for directions,

My heart keeps crashing,
when those memories trigger my emotion,

i need someone to believe in me,
Someone who won’t judge me by my mistakes & errors,

These tears won’t let me think straight,
If you are to count my tears in numbers and figures ,
you would probably be going to a million

My head keeps running in circles,
i need directions to the finish line
Truly lost am i in a huge world,
Every step forward looks like I’m on reverse,
i need to look ahead this obstacles in other to revive myself,

You think you know how i feel?
How about been shot 55times without bleeding?
Apparently that’s how i feel,

My future may be shining ,
But i have to trace the light,
in order not to be caught in darkness

You all said you were gonna be here,
i trusted you,
Yet again I’m here all alone with my shadow,


When i cry i bleed,
When i bleed i pen,
Life kicks me like a ball,
Plays me like a tennis,
Takes me up & down like a roller coaster,

The curtain maybe closing on me,
but there is a brighter day above this walls,

Every night is a stormy night,
as these tears form a deep ocean
enough to drown a fast boat,

The past i will never forget,
Tomorrow i look forward to,
Life is but a moment,
i can’t keep wallowing sentimentally to this statement of expression,
Cause my intention has always been my reaction,

i am running out of ink,
i think life is becoming so cruel everyday,
i will continue to pen these words,
till i know exactly how i feel,
I’m going back to the start,
to the guidance of Allah.

By Abdulkadir jnr.


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