There was a husband and wife who had a lot of
compassion for each other. The wife used to have a box
which she would not allow her husband to touch, she
would tell him that when i die then you may check the
contents. Over time they became old and the wife was
really ill and about to die when her husband asked for
permission to check the box. The wife agreed after some
persuasion. When he opened it he was surprised to find two dolls with a bunch of money. He asked his wife that why did you keep this so secret. The wife replied “my mother would tell me that when you become angry with your husband instead of making a fuss of it make a doll”.

The husband was really touched and weakly said to the wife that “you only were angry with me two times”?

The wife replies with a cheeky smile :
“what makes you think
that i was only angry with you two times , I sold the rest of the  dolls when they couldn’t fit in the box anymore and that explains the bunch of money!”

√ Learn to control your anger…try to channel it to a positive use.


4 thoughts on “STORY: THE BOX!

  1. Haha! That’s so cute and beautiful masha’Allah with a great morale! May Allah gives us the strength in sha Allah to be tolerant and patient with our spouses :).

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