Is It The Wife’s Fault ???


About a while now i have been keen on writing on a very sensitive topic; that of a husband and wife. This post will lay more emphasis on the “wife”.
   There is something that caught my attention…about the marriage. Before marriage both couples would be at their best…dress appropriately, behave appropriately or atleast behave to the satisfaction of the other.


Now after the rapture and everything else have dwindled down after their marriage then we start seeing a new face!

What do I mean by a new face here???

Growing up as a kid, and coming from a polygamous family,,,,i had lots of relative, each of which i spent holidays at their home a lot. And from what I hear from most conversations, which i wasn’t eavesdropping to but couldn’t just help hearing, i learnt that most wives after getting married to their husbands, after moving into his home…their home, the wives just STOP taking care of themselves.

When they are indoors with their hubbys they don’t do make up..they don’t dress to impress their husbands anymore. This annoys the man of the house, and even if the wife hasn’t really done anything wrong, the husband tends to gets angry at her unnecessary, scold her, avoid her, come home late and if he is not the “sunnah following type” he may even raise his hands on her.

The question now is; is it the fact that the woman has dedicated her time to raising their family, is that what has deprived her of taking care of herself ???

Or is there more to it ???


2 thoughts on “Is It The Wife’s Fault ???

  1. salam alaikum….I read your post and tho I agree partially with the wive not dressing to impress her husband anymore,but I don’t think this applies to all women. as they say differrent strokes for different folks. Ma salam.

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