Every night i lay in my bed,
trying to picture what tomorrow will bring,

But these visions have limitations to what lay ahead,
Mass destruction of the mind, very hard to hide,
what is it that i fear most?
i don’t know,

These dreams can’t be interpreted,
a state of entropy i’m in,

Day dreaming of a glossy life,
In silence and tranquillity,
at night so glum as a glue,

or am i scared of the future responsibilities that awaits?
It may be near when it seems so far,
Is that what i truly fear?
i can hear myself think,
as i feel my inner voice grating on my nerves,
this sincere tone & eloquent words arousing me to reality,

My head propped up on both side,
realizing the thing i fear most is been me,
these words are brewing in my mind,
Or is it the mistakes i have made due to human fallibility?

i can’t keep wallowing sentimentally,
due to the fear of the unknown,
All i have to do is focus on the future,
Inorder not to jeopardize what lays head,

Its time i confide in Him[Allah],
Life will always have its twist and turns.


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