Voice Of Reasoning…continues…

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The Strange Man. Continues…

“We found it unusually strange seeing you standing here while the prayer was in progress. What might be the problem?, the man asked me.

And for the first time in a long time someone finally asked me what my problem was . Now i must tell him my problem, the problem that have made my life miserable.

“I am in a big predicament, i am lost and confused. I need help!” my lips uttered the words like a sick person that have been waiting for the right time to throw up, to vomit every little thing that have made my life a living hell!

“You’ve come to the right place, glory be to God. Follow me please” the man said, holding me by my arm and leading me into the crowded room.
    Minutes later i was squatting beside the old man that i refer to as their leader. The old man greeted me and i replied. After observing them, i became inquisitive.

As much as i would like my problem to be solved by these strange people, i would also like to know who or what they are.

“What are you?” i asked the old man as if he was not of this world.

“I am a muslim” the old man replied.

Muslim? I have heard of them, but i had no idea what their deal was.

“Is that the name of your religion?” i asked further.

“No. The name of my religion is islam and a follower is called a muslim” he elaborated.

This is a strange religion. I was only familiar with christainity which my parents practised and also about those who worshipped objects, the pagans. I didn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being, but i was aware that the christains believe that there was a God. I also knew that the pagans worshipped objects, animals and people who they call their idols. Now I needed to ask the old man who their God is.

“Who is your God?”

“He is God, The One and Only God, The Eternal Absolute. He begetteth not, Nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him”.

The qualification of their God was so exact, it loudly stressed out that their God was only the One worthy of worship and firmly expressed that He was not given birth to nor does he give birth to.

“What is you God name?” i asked, feeling more interested in this God. The old man cleared his throat, recited the ninety nine names of his God.

The beauty of the names left me crying, i sobbed, trying to avoid bursting out crying. When he was through with the recitation he held my hand and said,

“Now is my turn to question you”

“Go ahead” i said.

“Who are you and what is your predicament?”

“Who i am is not important. My predicament transcends my personality” i replied.

“What is your predicament? Tell us please” the old man asked, feeling concerned.

I looked straight at the ceiling as i flashed back.




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