POEM: Dear Mama.


Oh mama,
words cannot describe how much i adore you,
your endless love & understanding,
you are the road path to which i see the world,
your ever everlasting devotion to my success is
in a meaningless chase of materialistic pursuit,
you used your incredible wisdom & wonderful insight in
guiding me.

Sometimes you piss me off ,
but i have never for one day stopped loving you,
I know how often i took you for granted,
yet i was never grounded,

You caved me a bear hug even when i was wayward,
Each time the world let me down as tears run down my
you kissed me in the forehead & stood by me,
you understood every word i did not say”

Looking deep down in your loving eyes,
all i see is everlasting love with no boundaries,
you hold a mirror to which my future lies,
i can’t imagine a world without you,
i rather die than see u cry,
i will never forsake you mom,
nor condemn you as i age,

How will i forget the pain you went through,
the unbearable miserable feeling of pregnancy,
the sleepless nights i gave you,
they shall not be in vain,
Each time i see you laughing it gives me inner joy,
It feels like a blessing,
not everyone is opportuned to have someone like you,
i will keep loving you till i take my last breath!


10 thoughts on “POEM: Dear Mama.

    1. Pleasure. In between do drop by sometime and have a look at my work. Let me know your views. Thanks in advance…

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