Protection of the Grave

Masha Allah. May Allah protect us from the torment of the grave.


Lonely, in total solitude, frightened, nothing but soil around me, a piece of cloth covering me, my bad deeds to my left, my good deeds to my right. What is there to hold on to? I will hear their cries, I will feel their pain, I will hear my Janaazah. What will I have held on to? Listening to the footsteps approaching closer n closer, their smell good or bad, their face wicked or pleasing, the questions will begin…

“Mar-Rabbuka” (Who is your Creator)?

“Maa Deenuka” (What is your faith)?

“Maa Kunta Taqoolu Fee Haazar Rajul” (What did you use to say about him)?

Inevitability of death is frightening, but lets’ face it, its reality.

We can’t escape from the natural phenomenon that we all have to experience, yet we try so hard to cling on to our life and body and as a result developing this sense…

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