“What is your predicament? Tell us please”, the old man asked, feeling concerned. I looked straight at the ceiling as i flashed back.

The Strange Visitor. (Story continues).

It was on a sunday morning, my parents had woken up early and I was still asleep in my room. I didn’t know what was going on but i rememberd that my dad showed up in my room as soon as i came back from a night club. He was trying to have a converstation with me or maybe deliver a news, but the alcohol in my system had made me seem like a person with deaf ears and confused brain. I couldn’t understand anything he was saying. But seeing them awake early the next morning made me realise that something was going on.

    The noise they created as they moved from one room to another woke me up. I struggled out of the bed with a dizzy head and made for the kitchen to fill my empty stomach. My dad emerged from his room, he paused and stared at me in disbelief almost as if i was supposed to be dead! I could judge from his eyes that he was surprised. He finally questioned me, asking why i wasn’t dressed for the trip.

“What trip?” i asked him

Just then my mom appeared from her room. I informed her that i was famished, but she replied back saying she hadn’t prepared any food and that we would stop at a eatery on our way to the village. They were still standing opposite eachother when i left them for my room. I grabbed a shirt and stepped out of the house.

I knew where my friends would be, at our favourite joint, drinking and smoking weed. My friends and i would spend day and night there, it was almost like our second home. I met my friends there and as usual we entertained ourselves with our alcoholic drink. We wasted our time gambling, and to make things worst i didn’t win for once, even when i did win i always ended up gambling it all away again!

    It was precisely 9:40 p.m when I got back back home, i was sure my parents had travelled. I got in with my own spare of key and laid on the bed till the next day. Usually i don’t wake up early, but on this particular day I did. It was because my sleep was interrupted by a bang on the door. It was really strange because every visitor that came always rang the bell. I knew my parents visitors would never bang on the door like that and my friends on the other hand don’t visit me as a result of the experience they had with my dad.

  I was really exhausted, my eyes were red and sore, making me look like a bush warrior. Every bang on the door increased my anger and I was sure that who ever was at the door would race away on seeing me.
   The door opened quickly as soon as i held the lock and pulled it to myself. To my greatest surprise, i saw my biggest nightmare! Now i am the one to run! I wanted to run, to vanish into the thin air, but they blocked the exist door. They weren’t one or two but three of them!

   One of the policemen held a piece of paper firmly. I was wondering what i had done to attract the police. The police don’t just visit you, unless you have done something really terrible.

“Are you the son of mr & mrs Ibe?” One of the three policemen asked me.

  Their question gave me the answer i required. My parents must have called them and instructed them to arrest me, to imprison me! They were going to disown me! I wasn’t the kind of child they wanted. Being their only child they expected me to be a bookworm but I wasn’t. After high school i refused to apply for admission into college, rather I gallivanted with my friends and involved ourselves in all types of atrocities.

“Your parents……….” the policeman spoke and paused as soon as I interrupted him.

“I know. They want me arrested. You are free, i won’t struggle, i will save you the stress. Here, cuff me, take me away” i said……..

*to be continued In Sha Allah*


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