Story : Voice Of Reasoning.

Strange visitor continues……

“You don’t understand, your parents were invovled in a fatal accident which I am sorry to say claimed their lifes. Their bodies has been moved to the morgue” the policeman announced.

   The unbelieveable news left me dumbfounded, my body was standing there but my spirit was far away searching for the mortuary where my parents body were moved to. It took the officers a pull on my arm before my spirit came right back into my body. I responded as i shaked my head just the way I did when I took weed. I couldn’t feel my legs, they became independent, it was as though I was standing in a pool of water with the water from my waist to feets and my feets were dancing around like a fish that was flipping its tail joyously in the deep sea. I lost control of myself, I couldn’t stand anymore, at a point I thought I was about to crash down!

“Take a rest. Here is the direction to the morgue” one of the policeman said, handing me a piece of paper.

   I felt sober, at least at that time. The memories i shared with them clouded on me and poured down like a heavy rain. My partner at that time was my beer bottle. I had it on my mouth both day and night.

  Days paced by and it was almost two weeks since my parents demise. I digged my hand into my pocket in search of some notes to purchase my favourite drink, the only thing I could find was a piece of paper. The paper was wet and rough and the writings on it were no longer visible. I flunged the paper away and watched it fly waywardly to the floor. I was standing still, gazing endlessly at the paper as if my life depended on it, as if i would pass away if I took my eyes off it, as if the paper contained the direction to where my parents body were!

  I drowned down, my knees kissing the floor, my eyes stormy with tears. A week had passed and I totally forgot to claim their body! I had drank to stupor since the day the policemen visited me! Once again i disappointed my parents even at their death bed.
   There was a rush of thoughts in my head, the vehement one was to change, to turn a new leaf and that might make my parents happy, that might make them smile down at me from above. With this concluded, i swore to achieve every goal a good child should.

     But before I proceed any further i needed to clean up my father’s house that was in a huge mess as a result of my negligence. My father’s house……..???? no your house !, a voice whispered to me. The voice was right, it was now my house.

  The expression on my face changed! I didn’t realise how independent I was until now. My brain ran into rapture.

A party!” i imagined, “with all my friends! A full house party!”. I raced out to fetch my friends. It didn’t take long before my house became full. We partied till dawn, this repeated for numerous days, non-stop. Even when i ran out of funds to organise a party my friends invited their friends who had lots of money to waste.

   This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering……..

To be continued insha Allah.


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