Sisters’ Hifdh Classes in West London

|-| Fajr |-|

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

So I’m finally starting to get this off the ground:

Qur’anic hifdh circle for sisters in West London

An opportunity for sisters to memorise the Qur’an under female supervision

This course will include class completion of hifdh coursebooks designed to help inspire students, structure their hifdh, break mental barriers, look at some of the Qur’anic Sciences, explore the lives of huffadh, and methods of hifdh. There will be group recital, and extraction of fawa’id (Qur’anic gems) from selected chapters, all in addition to one-to-one hifdh sessions.


  • Previous study and knowledge of tajweed
  • Ability to read and recite (tartil) Qur’an
  • Excellent punctuality and attendance

Please note: this is nota class for beginners. Only advanced or intermediate students, as the aim is to help sisters become hafidhat and knowledgeable enough in the Qur’an with the aim for them to become teachers/supervisors in their locality and across…

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