Voice Of Reasoning Continues………

Strange Visitor continues….

From last time;

I raced out to fetch my friends. It didn’t take long before my house became full. We partied till dawn, this repeated for numerous days, non-stop. Even when i ran out of funds to organise a party my friends invited their friends who had lots of money to waste.

   This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering……..

This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering. I was at home one afternoon, without my party friends. The door bell rang in an unpatient manner, sounding more like my party friends that were eager to come in.

“Go away. There’s no party today” i replied aloud to the ringing bell.

  For a moment, silence filled the room as though they had left. I relaxed again, stretching my two legs on the couch while sipping my drink.

Suddenly i heard a familiar noise, a familiar sound from the door! The sound was the type i heard the day the police came to inform me about my parents death. I jumped up, alerted. I was staring at the door as different thoughts raced through my brain. I doubted some, while some I justified.

Could it be that the police had realised that I didn’t claim my parents body? Or did my neighbors call the police to inform them about the smell of weed that was emanating from my house, and also the disturbing late night parties with extremely loud music?

  The possibilities were endless and the only answer was the door. Slowly I tiptoed to the door, expecting the worst. The bang on the door was so loud that I thought that the person on the other side was intent on bringing the door down!

The distance between the door and I was a hand-span, I was standing still, imaging who and what was at the other side of the door. The door to me seemed like the gate to death! Without dithering for another second again i unlocked the door.

   Standing outside was a lady in black tweed suit, beside her was a man. I glanced at them and sighed with relief, at least it wasn’t the police. I noticed some movement near my gate, I took a very good look and saw about five uniformed men! It wasn’t the police, but soldiers!

     The lady was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her. I became deaf all of a sudden on seeing the uniformed men.

“Are you alright?” asked the lady.

“what!?” i esclaimed.

“don’t be intimidated. They won’t lay their hands on you as long as you co-operate with us” the lady assured me, as if she could read what was on my mind.

they won’t?” I asked

“of course they won’t. Actually we didn’t know who we were up against and didn’t know what to expect so we had to come prepared.” she explained.

Now i was pondering what i did to attract these people to my home.

“Won’t you ask us in?” the man accompanying her finally spoke, and i reluctantly gestured them in. They all came in, including the soldiers.

“We are from the bank” the lady said, showing me her identification card.

What business do I have with their bank, I thought.

“I don’t believe i have an account with you bank”i informed them, even though i really didn’t have any account with any bank.

“Obviously you don’t and you may never. But your father did”, the man said.

This must be a good thing. Maybe my father left a huge amount of money behind. Why didn’t I think of this all this while. I am really about to be a young millionaire. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself so i remembered calm and waited for them to bring the news to me.

“You see” the man continued,“before your father passed away he had a great business idea which would have yielded him him a lot of huge profit”

“So he claimed!” added the lady sacarstically as if my father had lied to them. I wanted to ask them what happended next but somehow i didnt . Infact I didn’t want to know anymore. I needed them to stop talking so i won’t have to listen. That was however impossible! it was like sitting down on your couch and re-watching an horror movie, knowing who was going to die next but hoping that the victim would escape even though you knew that the person died when you first watched the movie.

     That’s how I felt, that I knew they were about to tell me a bad news but I was hoping that they would say otherwise.

  The man finally betrayed my wish;” Your father………………………

To be continued Insha Allah.


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