POEM: I’m Islam.

Assalamu alaikum, may peace be upon you!
I’m Islam,
The religion of peace & ease
Islam is not hatred or adversity.

Hold on a minute,

I’m sure you are familiar with me,
Oh yes you’re,
You see me everyday in the news,
Been accused of things I didn’t do,

Are you amused or transfixed cause I’m been abused?

let me break it down for you,
Like my brother kadir rightly said,
In his last poem; i am not a terrorist

They say,
I have become a threat to the west to the world in wide,
I have been black listed,
Among the list of the rest to the west,
You know,
It sounds so funny when I’m been addressed as a terror,
Some even go far calling me an error,
They say i terrorise & create tension
that’s not my intention,
I don’t give out such instructions,
If you look at my obligations
You will see why I have great reputation,

I have obligated you to fast & pray,
& not discriminate,
I have obligated you not to hate & to lower your gaze,
For lustful eyes crystallize Into habit & habit solidifies into circumstance,
I tell you not to use harmful substance,
For the pain won’t subside,
it mostly lead to suicide,
I tell you to respect others religion,
and play with your wife during your leisure,
I tell you to be kind to others & never raise your hand on a woman,
I mean if I tell you that,
Why would you raise your hand on a human,

I have given you a holy book of truth,
Sent from up above your roof,
Yet you go from root to root searching for truth & then you end up been used,
I tell you not to kill unjustly.

You may call me a saint,

Yes I’m,
cause i’ve been sent by the Creator to the creations.

I’m not a preacher nor a teacher,
But I’m here to preach to those who are wretched & rich,
And among my messages to humanity is that vanity creates insanity.

Some take up the responsibility to defend my name,

in time of shame,

Some i permit ,some i do not,
For you will have a shade in hereafter if you are just.




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