What Will Your Movie Be Rated?

Subhan Allah! indeed our deeds, both hidden and done in open are recorded and will be shown to us the day we meet our Lord.

Amal Ahmed Albaz

Imagine your eyes a video camera, recording all that you see. Your lips a voice recorder recording all that you say. Imagine this “movie” being played wide screen on Judgment Day. But I now ask you, why imagine if that’s the case?

You may claim to be a Muslim, you may claim to be a believer; but is that truly enough? As humans, we always seek “more”. Whether it is in education, status, or wealth, we always want “more”. But why is it any different when it comes to religion? Why are we satisfied with the level we’re at with no desire to improve? Why do we compare ourselves to those we think are lower than us in iman, and convince ourselves that we’re good enough? Why don’t we seek –or want to seek– “more”?

There are three levels of faith: Islam, Iman and Ihsan. This desire for “more” is considered the highest level of them all. Linguistically…

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