Funny Yet Moral Story: The Shaikh And A Pigeon.

   A friend of mine told me this story: When I was young I
had a shaikh, one of the greatest human beings I have
ever known. I had met him quite by accident. He lived in
a small shack in a poor neighborhood. I had to deliver
some medicine for my father’s pharmacy. Once inside
this man’s quarters I realized I was in the presence of
someone quite unusual. For one thing, he possessed the
relics of several great shaikhs of different orders. The
day I met him he was having a conversation with two
other young men about my own age. Their names were
Metin and Refik. After hearing their conversation I began
to lose interest in the things that had occupied me. I
wanted only to attend these conversations. The three of
us were learning so much that we wished that more and
more people could also hear these conversations.
We begged our sheikh to allow the size of our circle to
increase. One day we were attending the prayers at a
great mosque. It was the feast of Ashura, the twelfth of
Muharram. We were just leaving the mosque when our
teacher paused on the steps because he noticed that a
pigeon had just dropped dead from the sky. He picked
up the poor bird, which was totally lifeless, held it
tenderly in his hands, breated a long Huuuuuuu…and
the bird came back to life and flew off into the sky! Well,
this act did not go unnoticed and before long there were
many people intersted in our shaikh. Many of them asked
to attend his conversations and our circle grew!

  It was not long before we found that we had very little
time with our beloved shaikh. He was too busy to see us,
attending to the needs of so many people. Then one day,
while doing the night prayer after our zhikr, our shaikh
let out a loud and smelly fart. People were astounded
that this holy man could do such a thing. In a short
period of time most of them had lost their faith in him
and our circle returned to nearly the size it had been
originally. One night when just the three of us were
sitting together, our shaikh remarked: “You see my sons,
those who come because of a pigeon, leave because of a
From a book catalog put out by the brs. and srs. at the
Threshold Society……taken from Kabir
Helminski’s “The Knowing Heart”


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