POEM: Best Friend


You walked in even when everyone walked out,
You’re the only one i trust,
So why should I not desire,
and aspire,
to build an empire,
Not close to hell fire,
But close to my neighbors yard.

You have always been here,
So why should I be there,
Even at night when no one was here,
You stood by me through your thoughts and said you will be here,
Through out my life ,
You lightened my heart and gave me light,
Friends were far,
Family deferred,
But you i could find,
Have me in your heart even when the days are long,
cause it won’t be long,
Before we belong.

The pasts we can never forget,
But the future we look forward to,
Hold my hands and stay strong,
And I will wipe your tears
if I sense fears,
Now view your time,
Never forget this times,
Always remember this rhymes,
Remember the hypes,
as i will always be by your right,
You’re my best friend.


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