Poem: Saint and Sinner

I am not a saint
I am not a sinner

But I know I sinned
Long ago when I couldn’t see.
Trust me it didn’t feel good,
It only brought misery

It’s a mystery isn’t it?
What you ran after all this time,
Used your wealth, time & energy
Only turned out to be just a……
Miserable ending…..
a mystery.

“So the devil never comes to you”, you say
He won’t come to you with two horns on his head
Or looking red,
Or looking like what you had imagined.
Or what came out of hell.

He comes to you in the form of your biggest desire,
He comes in a borrowed beautiful form,
A deceptive form,
A form you can’t  ignore,
A form that would let you drop your guard.

Some of us won’t recognize his ugliness,
That ugliness within,
Cos the mind would see only what it desires,
And neglect what looks like fire.

I am not a sinner
I am not a saint
But I tell you; God knows best.


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