Two things before commiting any sin: the two spy machines.

  Sometimes its easy to just commit that sin because no one is watching. But have you really thought about it? Is someone really watching? I have two answers for you.

1. Probably not

2. Deinitely yes.

Now let me expatiate on the (1) “probably not”. We have seen scandals everywhere, scandals with proof. You did some bad stuff and thought you have gotten away with it, then out of the blue someone comes up with a video of you in that act! How come?cos there was a hidden camera. And you are either blackmailed with it, by being sucked huge amount of money from or the video goes viral and everyone sees it! Imagine the humiliation!
     With the advancement of technology, I can have a hidden camera in my house and be watching everything that goes on in my house even from outside the country!

So ultimately, you are probably being watched! If there is a camera hidden somewhere!

Then (2) “definitely yes”. So imagine the advancement of technology, where I can be watching the activities that goes on in my house no matter where I am, as long as there is internet connection! This is something big! And it was made by man, the same man that was created by God.

  Now God has told us that everything we do in this world from the little tiny ones to the great ones are being recorded and will serve as either a proof for or against us on the day of judgement.  So “definitely yes”, even if the man made spy manchine didn’t capture your actions, then God did! And whose punishment is severe? That of human that will only lead to death? Or that of God that nevers ends! The choice is yours, STOP THE EVIL ACT!

So before commiting that evil act, REMEMBER the TWO SPY MACHINES.


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