Music In The Mosque

If it was said a long time ago that music will be played in the mosque, everyone would have laughed and said it can never happen. But today it is happening. Even in jumat prayer some phones start ringing, and their ringtone is one of their favourite music! Subhannalah!!! In the mosque of Allah! Anyone who does this should be aware that firstly music isn’t allowed in islam, no matter the message it sends because music is the voice of the devil.
Devil pleaded with God to grant him respite, to allow him decieve man, and one of devil’s instrument for deceit is music. Some claim music sooth their heart and give them inspiration and gives them a peace of mind. Those who consume alcohol, don’t they claim that when they are depressed alcohol is the solution, they drink and feel slight relief, but the aftermath of it is always misery, and that is the same with music. Do dikhr(remembrance of Allah), ponder over it, or read the quran and insha Allah you will feel relief and your depression will vanish.

Please brothers and sisters, stop listening to music, for your sake, please. May Allah assist you in overcoming it.


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