My Beloved.

The first time we met I was young and innocent, I fell inlove with you naturally, like it was meant to be. I loved you and you loved me, there was no compulsion in our union, it was simple and beautiful,just like you. Till date I don’t regret meeting you at my prime, I was younger and you were older but you didn’t take advantage of me, you held my hand all through and protected me from the evil eyes. When I got angry with anyone you calmed me down, you taught me how to smile at all times, I don’t really have the adequate vocabulary to describe you. If only people can really know you, if only they take their time to study you my beloved, then they will realise how special you really are. Please permit me to tell them your name, so they can come searching for you, though I would have loved to keep you to myself, but you have taught me to never be greedy and to share goodness with my fellow humans.
My beautiful “islam”.



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