Just Imagine! This is BEAUTIFUL

Imagine folks just imagine for a while that You’ve just
crossed the Siraat (bridge over Hell) and made it to the
other side . You are waiting for the doors of Jannah to
open. Finally they open to and you are in Awe..!!! Truly, this
place is as the Prophet described which “no eye has seen,
no ear has heard, and the mind of no man has conceived”,
[Bukhari Shareef]…… What is the ground made of? It
smells a little like saffron, Subhan’Allah! What are those
trees with huge fruits? Is that a river of honey? Dip your
finger in it, that can’t be honey! You’ve never had anything
like it in your life. You try it again and it tastes even better.
How is that possible? Ok, enough honey. Where is my
house? As you are being escorted to your home, you see
it’s not just a house. It’s a Mansion! Not even Bill Gates
had it this good, and you are told you earned it because
you donated $10 for that masjid…. If only you had donated
more!!! Well this mansion is enough. You’re eager to start
exploring. You enter from the front door with a texture
that feels pearly. Are the doors made of pearls?
Subhan’Allah! You walk in and there’s someone there. Is
that your spouse from the Dunya? But they look different.
They’re so beautiful, you’re mesmerized. You take their
hand and walk out and you see that person who wronged
you in the Dunya. Even though you forgave Him/her on
earth, whenever you saw them, you’d still get a bit
frustrated. But for some reason ,Allah SWT liked this act of
urs so much that he put u in here…and them too for
whatever good they did……… it’s ok now…. It’s all good….
Actually- you’re happy to see them. In fact, you can’t stop
smiling:)… This place is just Awesome. You feel so light
and airy. You feel as though nothing bad has ever
happened to you in your life. You have peace. It can’t get
better than this, right? Yes it can! Lo and Behold!! As you
walk outside your mansion, you see people rushing to go
to some place. They’re crowding around someone. Is that
RasulAllah?? Without realizing, tears stream down your
face, Is it Really Rasul’Allah! Is He the one i’m looking
at …Is He the one i’ve been reading about all my life…..
Yes ,there He is… And he is more beautiful than any of the
descriptions you’ve read. You embrace him. He smiles at
you, and then you invite him to dinner at your house. You
walk away, still in awe that you’ve just seen the final
Messenger of God, and… Is that Abu Bakr (RA)? With
`Umar (RA)! And over there is Fatima (RA), sitting with her
mother Khadija (RA)! And there’s Mariam (AS)! You
overhear a conversation and it’s someone asking Salaah
ad-Deen Ayyubi how it felt to liberate Jerusalem. And you
recognize an accent, it’s Malcolm X! Finally, it’s the
pinnacle of Jannah. BEING WITH ALLAH!!!. You actually get
to see Allah.U get to see that Allah u’ve been
praying ,crying and asking for everything …. The highest,
greatest most amazing pleasure that surpasses everything
we’ve just talked about. Seeing your Lord, Most High. ,Most
exalted ,Most beloved” (sheikh Suhaib webb)


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