Boko haram or pure terrorists?

Dear Muslims/ non Muslims

These are very critical times and we shouldn’t neglect our duties as genuine Muslims to show that we are against the terrorist group.

Try to avoid going to online forums and arguing endlessly.

Share love and friendship to everyone.


As far as I’m concerned BOKO HARAM are not Muslims but terrorists with their personal agenda.

Don’t you wonder how they keep calling Allah’s name each time they commit a crime as if to purposely tarnish the name of Islam?

Have you ever thought about this???

Obviously people are screaming for the so called genuine Muslims to come out and show they are against BOKO HARAM….but have you thought about the few people some even top official Muslims who did that and were murdered by the terrorists. When the government doesn’t provide any sort of protection!

Be you a Muslim or non Muslim we are both vulnerable to the heinous crime of the terrorist and we must unite and fight them rather than fight ourselves.

Pass this on if you care abit!


What Muslims should do during the eclipse of the sun

An eclipse of the sun is likely to occur tommorow, when it does, perform this rakaat.

An eclipse prayer is made up of two rakaats of prayer known as Solaatu Khusoof.

Basically,there are two rukuu’is and two recitation of the
Quraan in each unit of prayer(rakaat). In normal prayer,there is only one bowing per unit of prayer.

How to pray Solaatu Khusoof:
1.So you stand up for prayer as normal.

2.Recite Quraan as you normally would.

3.Go into rukuu’i and prolong the rukuu’i with duas.

4.Stand up and recite Quraan again.

5.Go into rukuu’i again and prolong the rukuu’i with
duas but not as long as the first rukuu’i.

6.Stand up and then go into prostration and prolong the
prostration with duas.

7.Sit up straight.

8.Go into prostration again and prolong it but not as
long as the first prostration.

9.You repeat the above steps for the second rakaat.

Where Is Our Future?

The next generation is the future,
the generation of youths that find no problem in consuming alcohol even to stupor!

The youths who see nothing wrong in immoral acts!

How can the youths who see lieing as a natural act be our future,

Or those who are used to stealing and bribery!

How can they make a change?

I am a Nigerian, and I am proudly one.
I am a muslim, and I am proudly one.

My parents told me that in their time there was nothing like kidnapping, but I tell you now that that’s what the youths are practising.

They told me that in their time the society was responsible, accountable, they knew right from wrong. But presently we know right from wrong, but we just choosed to follow wrong.

Does civilisation mean being naked?!!! I don’t know, but what I know is that a long time ago the white came to our country and found us naked, literally using leafs to cover the sensitive parts of our body. And they gave us clothes to cover ourselves, but now why are they walking naked, why are we joining them in being naked. Is this the end of civilisation or migration into the animal kingdom!

Corruption! Its now everywhere! Its no news that the youths are corrupt as well. Now let me tell you, millions of dollars are spent lavishly by those in power while others live in squalor. They spend these money to protect their own lives; because they don’t want to die serving the country, because they are not serving the country, they are serving money, serving the country is just a secondary task to them.

They send their children to foreign lands with the country’s money.

Now here’s a news that you know…..One of the greatest man to walk the earth, prophet Muhammmed (pbuh), he commanded armies, had a great multitude of followers, but he never enriched himself, he lived in a hut, infact he was a pauper but a leader. He could have become a king if he wanted, he could have built a masion for himself but he didnt, now that’s a leader.


Jesus(Isa) was a great leader sent by God, he alway gave and never took, he didn’t enrich himself.

ok, so this was like two thousand years ago.

Well here is one, remember Ghadafi ?

Here is another……Nelson Mandela(former president of South Africa)

These are men who were once youths, who changed the world.

Here is a lesson to all the leaders, both the world leaders and those below,,,,,remember Pharoah of Egypt? Remember how he called himself God? How he was the world leader and how God purnished him? Its not a myth nor a fairy tale, his body is on earth, a promise of God to remind us, to remind the world leaders, to remind we the youths who are the future of hopefully a human kingdom and not an animal kingdom.


By Seyyid

How can you identify a muslim?

Is it by our cap


or by our turban.


Is it by our dress code or by their race?



The answer is no.

Anyone can wear a turban, anyone can wear a cap, anyone can dress like a muslim. Islam doesn’t select race.

Now how do we identify a muslim?

A person who is kind, faithful,doesn’t use foul words,doesn’t gossip,doesn’t harm others,forbids evil,doesn’t take bribe,who prays the five daily prayers,who doesn’t engage in immoral acts, who doesn’t oppress, who is generous….and among others.

In a simple way: a person who does good things and forbid bad things.

If you meet a person who dress like a muslim and doesn’t act like a muslim then do not use that person’s actions to qualify the entire muslims. It may be that the person is an unbeliever who just dresses like a muslim or it may be that the person is a muslim who doesn’t practise islam and this makes the person an unbeliever until he repents and follows the right path.

The “Mr. Bean” conversion hoax



The website was just one among many to
try to debunk a viral hoax about the supposed
conversion of “Mr. Bean”, Rowan Atkinson.

  It appears that the website Israellycool, the source of
the “prank”, intended the article in question to be a
joke of sorts and it was said that the article itself
refuted the “ridiculous” claim. Nevertheless the prank
was taken seriously by many.

At any rate the Israellycool website has now,
apparently in earnest, published a statement from Mr.
Atkinson’s agent denying knowledge of any
conversion. The agent reportedly said the following:
“Thanks for your e-mail. I’m afraid that, as far as I’m
aware, Rowan has not converted to Islam.”
Whether that is definitive or not is an open question.
What is certain, up to this point, is that Mr. Atkinson
himself has made no official statement.

Another thing that seems quite obvious is that people,
and not just Muslims as Isreallycool seems to think,
don’t read and verify these things as they should. Yet
for Muslims, who are under some criticism for
spreading a false report that identified itself as such,
this is cause for reflection – why are we so easily
fooled by these foolish things?

Perhaps we would do well to heed the words of Allah,
Most High:
“O you who believe, if a profligate brings you
a report, verify its correctness, lest you
should harm a people out of ignorance, and
then become remorseful for what you did.”
Quran 49:6.


Mr Bean converts to Islam?


  Rowan Atkinson popularly kown as Mr Bean has been rumoured to have converted to islam. The news has been trending for a while now, but there is no proof whatsoever to confirm this.
   If this is true then Alhamdulilah, and if not may Allah guide him and other non-believers to the right path.