When He created you, He knew you would sin and He is always prepared to forgive you…. Ask for forgiveness… those days when you cry and tears drop down bcos of regret for your sins, use that opportunity to ask for forgiveness and bow down for you are closer to Him in that position.

A heart-touching letter from parents to their children.


Originating Address : “HEART”
Date & time : “OLD AGE”
Postage stamp : “TEARS”

Our Dearest children,

Time has passed so fast. A lot learnt & gained.
Sometimes we REWIND our past.
PLAY the present situation.
FAST FORWARD the future which is uncertain.
This is how we occupy ourselves in silence.

We ask you : “Why do you make us cry ?”
When you were tiny, you relaxed on our laps with both our
arms cuddling you. Today we are placed in the lap of a
wheelchair with no warmth of arms.

We ask you : “Why do you make us cry ?”
When you were small, we taught you how to speak.
Today you teach us to SHUT UP .

We ask you : “Why do you make us cry ?”
When you were just basic, we upgraded you to adulthood.
Today you want to upgrade us to your style of thinking.
Sorry there is no software upgrade available.

We ask you : “Why do you make us cry ?”
Finally, we are nearing our destination which is MAUT(death).
Not much time left.
But before we leave, here is a gift of duaas for you:

“May Allah keep you happy with your family. And may your
children be the coolness of your eyes. ”

GIFTWRAP – we your parents.
GIFT – Duaas.


With LOVE,
Your Beloved Parents.

Verse Of The Day: Beautiful Words From Allah.

Surah: Al-Hujuraat : verse :11

O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one’s] faith. And whoever does not repent – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

This is one more prove of how islam is a religion of peace.


Before Earth We Met.


Isn’t this true? Sometimes we meet certain people for the first time and it feels like we’ve known them all our lives. I am sure it must have happened to you atleast once.

Also sometimes you walk along a certain road for the first time and suddenly you get this feeling that you’ve been to that place before, but you know you were never ever there before. Even some incidents happen and you just feel like that particular incident had taken place before.

Its interesting when these things happens and some people have suggested that its as a result of rebirth. That people who lived before are reborn or that in their before-life they were certain animals or insect…..this is totally false and wrong.

Where Is Our Future?

The next generation is the future,
the generation of youths that find no problem in consuming alcohol even to stupor!

The youths who see nothing wrong in immoral acts!

How can the youths who see lieing as a natural act be our future,

Or those who are used to stealing and bribery!

How can they make a change?

I am a Nigerian, and I am proudly one.
I am a muslim, and I am proudly one.

My parents told me that in their time there was nothing like kidnapping, but I tell you now that that’s what the youths are practising.

They told me that in their time the society was responsible, accountable, they knew right from wrong. But presently we know right from wrong, but we just choosed to follow wrong.

Does civilisation mean being naked?!!! I don’t know, but what I know is that a long time ago the white came to our country and found us naked, literally using leafs to cover the sensitive parts of our body. And they gave us clothes to cover ourselves, but now why are they walking naked, why are we joining them in being naked. Is this the end of civilisation or migration into the animal kingdom!

Corruption! Its now everywhere! Its no news that the youths are corrupt as well. Now let me tell you, millions of dollars are spent lavishly by those in power while others live in squalor. They spend these money to protect their own lives; because they don’t want to die serving the country, because they are not serving the country, they are serving money, serving the country is just a secondary task to them.

They send their children to foreign lands with the country’s money.

Now here’s a news that you know…..One of the greatest man to walk the earth, prophet Muhammmed (pbuh), he commanded armies, had a great multitude of followers, but he never enriched himself, he lived in a hut, infact he was a pauper but a leader. He could have become a king if he wanted, he could have built a masion for himself but he didnt, now that’s a leader.


Jesus(Isa) was a great leader sent by God, he alway gave and never took, he didn’t enrich himself.

ok, so this was like two thousand years ago.

Well here is one, remember Ghadafi ?

Here is another……Nelson Mandela(former president of South Africa)

These are men who were once youths, who changed the world.

Here is a lesson to all the leaders, both the world leaders and those below,,,,,remember Pharoah of Egypt? Remember how he called himself God? How he was the world leader and how God purnished him? Its not a myth nor a fairy tale, his body is on earth, a promise of God to remind us, to remind the world leaders, to remind we the youths who are the future of hopefully a human kingdom and not an animal kingdom.


By Seyyid

What Is Love?

LOVE is when Khadijah (R.A) spent her entire wealth on this
Deen (Islam) for the Man she loved.

LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) took the glass that Ayesha
(R.A) drank from and put his lips on the exact place she put
hers on and then drank.

LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) had a race with Ayesha
(R.A) and teased her when she lost.

LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) would take a bone that
Ayesha (R.A.) sucked meat from and would put his lips on
that same place she chewed the meat from.

Real LOVE is not based on romance , candle light dinner
and walks along the beach rather it is based On Respect ,
Compromise , Care And Trust…