Respect the letters 2

Part 2
“Are you coming or not?” I asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Fatou snarled bitterly.

And we left the house in our green and white abaya (dresses) we normally wear for chapter (weekly meetings). Our hijabs were white. In our rush, I forgot to hide my Juicy Couture heart necklace.

The AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha)’s house was to our left and the GPhiB (Gamma Phi Beta)’s house was on our right. Behind us stood the house of the APhi (Alpha Phi). Further down to right, we could see the houses of the XΩ (Chi Omega) and the ΚΔ (Kappa Delta).
Within ten minutes, we were at the house of the TMZ (Tau Mu Zeta). They were also known as Trouble Maker Zeroes. Their members opted for Troubled Maker Zorros instead.

I spoke first. “I am here to see your president if he is available.” I spoke with confidence and my head high. I am a woman that will not be intimated by men, I tried to convince myself inside.

“He only meets people on appointment but since you guys are Irish that came to give their hearts to him, I am sure he won’t mind.” The tool mocked us.

“We are not Irish, and we are here to discuss business.” I replied with a sharp and calmed tone while putting my heart necklace under my abaya.
The tool gave me a look which was part amused, part confused before going in to get his president. That’s right silly; I am not oppressed or afraid to speak my mind! The media and people with their own cultural baggage would have you believe that a Muslim woman is supposed to be afraid to speak up or make a difference.

The tool of frat boy came back with his president and stood next to me. Their president was definitely the type I used to fall for; tall, blond, with green eyes. I hoped his looks would not distract me from what I was there for.

“Hello, I am Aaron. What can I do for you?” He asked.

“Hmm… Hi, can we sit somewhere to talk in private with my sister? I said loosing my focus due to my slight attraction to him. Slight? Noooo, it is a major what is happening right now.

“If your sister is coming, my brother, who is also my right hand, has to come.”

Dang it! We are outnumbered. Well, even… I should have taken Fatou’s advice to come with her brother. She read my mind and shot me a look that said I told you so!

“Give me a minute to consult with my sister.” I told him and pulled Fatou closer. “What do you think?”

“Tell him that we can sit under the tree over there with the benches. We need to be quick. I don’t want people spotting us here. It is a man place…” She replied uneasy.

I relayed the info to him, and we went to sit under the tree. I started, “Over the weekend, a group of sisters from our sisterhood came over here and were enabled to smoke drugs. One thing led to another and questionable and inappropriate behaviors were the results.”

Aaron’s face changed and became icy. “I am not aware of any drugs.” Then, he shot a look at the tool whose name is Jerry.

“Jerry is that true?”

“She may be right. I heard rumors.” Jerry admitted distracted. He was devouring Fatou with his eyes. She was just ignoring him the whole time. She has that effect on many men and women. She was not flashy or anything but she had this aura that drew people in. Men wanted to make her their Queen and women wanted to be her friend or become just like her. She had that Nur (light).

“What? You don’t even know what’s going in your own house?” I snarled.

“Lady, this is not the time to pass judgments. For all I care, we men will always come up on top and your sisters will unfortunately be treated as little whores after what happened. So calm down so we can figure this out.”

His words stabbed me. Oh no, he did not just call my sisters names!
As soon as I wanted to jump in his face with my quick temper, obviously angered by his statements, Fatou grabbed my hand to hint me to calm down and think clearly at my next move. Thing I did. I recomposed myself pretty quickly and sat.

“I don’t care if you knew or not. I am here as damage control. I want to put a lid on this one. I am sure you don’t want to loose any members over this or your charter for that matter. Neither do I. If international hears of this, we are grass, and they will be the lawnmowers. So, find the culprits and deal with them. It is irresponsible.” I ended my prose in a verdict tone.

“Feisty Muslim girl, huh?” He said and continued. “I have never seen anyone quite like you. You are very bossy.”

“There is a start for everything. Do we have a deal?” I retorted.

“Yes, we will tie loose ends.”

“How did you hear about it?” He asked.

“I have my sources and that is my business.” I replied with a grin. Quite honestly, a new member was the whistle blower. Her name is Ameetah. She decided to stay at the house the weekend in question. However, after a load of homework, she decided to visit the frat house and check on her sisters to relax a little bit. At her own disbelief, she found the girls misbehaving and not sober. She left promptly without them noticing that she saw them. She, then, struggled to tell me not wanting to sound like a traitor. I am glad she did before we ended up on national Television.
“So long brothers!” I said sarcastically to Aaron and Jerry. Jerry was barely listening since he was drooling over Fatou the whole time. Then I told Jerry, “She is out of your league.” I winked evilly.
Fatou smiled modestly and got up to leave with me.

TO be continued

By Papatia Feauxzar
Author of between sisters (SVP)



Fatou will think that is a terrible idea but this sisterhood means everything to me. If it was not for this sisterhood, I would have… I can’t finish my sentence.
My name is Rebecca Tia Lorenzo. I was born in Mexico, and came to USA as an illegal immigrant along with my family. I am currently a Doctoral student in Chemistry. I am very bright without trying to be full of myself or conceited. I just had a weakness which was partying like a wild animal.

A party was not a party until I came in. I drunk like a fish, I smoked like a chimney, and I got higher than a Georgia pine. I was home schooled so I had a gift to learn on my own. I did not need to show up for boring lectures. I just showed up on exam days and walked out cocky as ever because I knew I just aced another test. Teachers hated me but they could not do anything about it. I had a boyfriend but “he was too good for me” meaning he cheated on me constantly. I loved him, and I did not want to give the pleasure to be free by breaking up with him. So, to cope with this dysfunctional life on mine, I just spiraled down with the illegal stuff. I am sure you thought I slept around. I would have probably if I was not so hung up on the boyfriend. I actually received a lot of advances that I rejected, claiming allegiance to a cheater. My subconscious is rolling her eyes in a grimace.

So, one day, I was at a frat party in my first year of college and this beautiful girl approached me. I mean she was very beautiful. It seemed like she was glowing with angel like rays. She was veiled, and she was mixed. She asked me why I was behaving the way I was.  At first, I gave her a quizzing look then I said, “It is a boring and shameful story.”

“I don’t judge. Let me hear it.” She said quietly with a compassionate look.

People don’t have this effect on me. This girl was poised. She had graced to make me envious for million of years. I wanted to be like her. So, I told her my story.

“Then, she said. I am a member of RTL.”

“What’s RTL?” I asked. Then, she told me everything there was to know about her sisterhood. I became very interested but I was not Muslim. I could not blame them for not letting me join down the road if I wanted to because there is a religion requirement and a good reason to back their stand up. I put the Muslim thought aside and said.

“This may sound cheesy but my initials are RTL.” I let out with a dork tone.

“No way!” She exclaimed amazed.

“Yes, my name is Rebecca Tia Lorenzo.” I smiled. And on an impulsive tone, I said “I want to become Muslim. This is a Sign!”

“Masha’Allah!” Fatou beamed. She helped me recite the shahada (An Islamic creed to declare belief in Monotheism, Allah and his Messenger) and I became Muslim. I changed my name to Rokeeya after that. In the Greek world, they would say that Fatou had just rushed a new member. The sisterhood helped me get back on the right track and fulfill my purpose on this earth; worship Allah. Lord knows I would have self-destroyed myself in this ratchet past life.
After debating on my options about the weed situation, I went to knock on sister’s Fatou’s door.

“Come in.” She yelled over.
I went in then.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“Drugs are not allowed here, and I don’t to strip the responsible sisters of this beautiful sisterhood. I am torn. I don’t know what to do. I never had to make such an important decision.”

“Please forgive them. Don’t take their badge away.” She pleaded.

“I know. I have forgiven them. I just can’t forget. What kind of Muslim would have been if I don’t forgive them?” I asked confused. “Anyways, I want to talk to the president of the fraternity. We need to keep this under a lid. It is shameful.”

“Yea, it is said ‘he who covers a Muslim (his mistakes and shortcomings), Allah will cover him in the Dunya and the Hereafter;’ ” Fatou said pensively and added, “Having said, meeting this guy is risky. May be we should go with my brother just in case.”

“Not a bad idea but I don’t want anybody between our two houses knowing.”

“Rokeeya! Come on, don’t be so self-centered and make a bad judgment call here. You are no Olivia Pope!” She finished.

I was not listening to her anymore. This is the first time I actually did not take her advice into consideration. I hope I don’t go down for my “lapse” in judgment. I am going to fix it!

To be continued


Papatia Feauxzar
Author of “Between Sisters, SVP” Novel

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