Missing salat?

Salam alaikum to everyone.

First i must announce that i have finally graduated from the university. Its been a long journey and alhamdulilah its all over now.

Thanks to Papatia Feauxzar for the muharram mail. Believe me i felt happy when I saw the mail. May Allah bless your family.

Here is an image about salat for everyone to realize the number of salat we perform every year. I am sure many of us didn’t know, neither did I.



Sorry about my inconsistency

Salam to everyone. Recently I have dropped my posting rate, this is because I noticed I was concentrating more on delivering these good messages than acting upon them.

I’m really trying hard to balance things. Although studies also deprived me a little, but in sha Allah I will be graduating next year 🙂 thinking of going for my masters too. May Allah assist us all in all our endeavors. Amin


Read and name the story(moral lesson)

Samira worked at a meat distribution factory. One day, when she finished with her work schedule, she went into the meat cold room (Freezer) to inspect something, but in a moment of bad luck, the door closed and she was locked inside with no help in sight.

Although she screamed and knocked with all her might, her cries went unheard as no one could hear her. Most of the workers had already gone, and outside the cold room it’s impossible to hear what was going on inside.

Five hours later, whilst Samira was on the verge of death, the security guard of the factory eventually opened the door. Samira got miraculously saved from dying that day.

When she later asked the security guard how he had come to open the door, which wasn’t his usual work routine.

His explanation: “I’ve been working in this factory for 35 years, hundreds of workers come in and out every day, but you’re one of the few who greet me
in the morning and say goodbye to me every night when leaving after work.

Many treat me as if I’m invisible. Today, as you reported for work, like all other days, you greeted me in your simple manner ‘Hello’. But this evening
after working hours, I curiously observed that I had not heard your “Bye, see you tomorrow”. Hence, I decided to check around the factory. I look forward to your ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ every day because they remind me that I am someone. By not hearing your farewell today, I knew something had happened.
That’s why I started searching every where for you.

Moral Lesson to reflect upon: Be humble, love and respect those around you. Try to have an impact on people who cross your path every day, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Let this story be an inspiration. Let’s share to inspire others; someone else shared this to inspire me…
Jumat kareem

Words make me lifeless

*Guest post by my lovely talented cousin. Although she always says she is a novice, but everyone would agree that this post she wrote effortlessly is really inspiring!*

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words make me lifeless, sticks and stones hurt my body while words are ghosts that haunt me.

Pain left its scar on a mind that was tender, the bones are healed. But this words I remember giving me a sharp pain like a stubborn migraine.

The word you just said made that girl a living-dead, the “useless” you called him just made him stop believing in himself.

Yes you didn’t kill him with your hands, Yes you didn’t pull the trigger at her buh you know something?

You killed with your words!

True! You are guilty of murder. How many more souls would you take with your words? Someone somewhere just cancelled suicide coz he/she received a call from someone.

That prostitute just believed she could be successful without selling herself coz someone proved it to her, someone believed in her.

Now this is a wake up call, SPEAK POSITIVITY. So STOP destroying people and shattering their dreams. Pen is lifted till another bothering issue