Voice Of Reasoning Continues………

Strange Visitor continues….

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I raced out to fetch my friends. It didn’t take long before my house became full. We partied till dawn, this repeated for numerous days, non-stop. Even when i ran out of funds to organise a party my friends invited their friends who had lots of money to waste.

   This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering……..

This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering. I was at home one afternoon, without my party friends. The door bell rang in an unpatient manner, sounding more like my party friends that were eager to come in.

“Go away. There’s no party today” i replied aloud to the ringing bell.

  For a moment, silence filled the room as though they had left. I relaxed again, stretching my two legs on the couch while sipping my drink.

Suddenly i heard a familiar noise, a familiar sound from the door! The sound was the type i heard the day the police came to inform me about my parents death. I jumped up, alerted. I was staring at the door as different thoughts raced through my brain. I doubted some, while some I justified.

Could it be that the police had realised that I didn’t claim my parents body? Or did my neighbors call the police to inform them about the smell of weed that was emanating from my house, and also the disturbing late night parties with extremely loud music?

  The possibilities were endless and the only answer was the door. Slowly I tiptoed to the door, expecting the worst. The bang on the door was so loud that I thought that the person on the other side was intent on bringing the door down!

The distance between the door and I was a hand-span, I was standing still, imaging who and what was at the other side of the door. The door to me seemed like the gate to death! Without dithering for another second again i unlocked the door.

   Standing outside was a lady in black tweed suit, beside her was a man. I glanced at them and sighed with relief, at least it wasn’t the police. I noticed some movement near my gate, I took a very good look and saw about five uniformed men! It wasn’t the police, but soldiers!

     The lady was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her. I became deaf all of a sudden on seeing the uniformed men.

“Are you alright?” asked the lady.

“what!?” i esclaimed.

“don’t be intimidated. They won’t lay their hands on you as long as you co-operate with us” the lady assured me, as if she could read what was on my mind.

they won’t?” I asked

“of course they won’t. Actually we didn’t know who we were up against and didn’t know what to expect so we had to come prepared.” she explained.

Now i was pondering what i did to attract these people to my home.

“Won’t you ask us in?” the man accompanying her finally spoke, and i reluctantly gestured them in. They all came in, including the soldiers.

“We are from the bank” the lady said, showing me her identification card.

What business do I have with their bank, I thought.

“I don’t believe i have an account with you bank”i informed them, even though i really didn’t have any account with any bank.

“Obviously you don’t and you may never. But your father did”, the man said.

This must be a good thing. Maybe my father left a huge amount of money behind. Why didn’t I think of this all this while. I am really about to be a young millionaire. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself so i remembered calm and waited for them to bring the news to me.

“You see” the man continued,“before your father passed away he had a great business idea which would have yielded him him a lot of huge profit”

“So he claimed!” added the lady sacarstically as if my father had lied to them. I wanted to ask them what happended next but somehow i didnt . Infact I didn’t want to know anymore. I needed them to stop talking so i won’t have to listen. That was however impossible! it was like sitting down on your couch and re-watching an horror movie, knowing who was going to die next but hoping that the victim would escape even though you knew that the person died when you first watched the movie.

     That’s how I felt, that I knew they were about to tell me a bad news but I was hoping that they would say otherwise.

  The man finally betrayed my wish;” Your father………………………

To be continued Insha Allah.


Story : Voice Of Reasoning.

Strange visitor continues……

“You don’t understand, your parents were invovled in a fatal accident which I am sorry to say claimed their lifes. Their bodies has been moved to the morgue” the policeman announced.

   The unbelieveable news left me dumbfounded, my body was standing there but my spirit was far away searching for the mortuary where my parents body were moved to. It took the officers a pull on my arm before my spirit came right back into my body. I responded as i shaked my head just the way I did when I took weed. I couldn’t feel my legs, they became independent, it was as though I was standing in a pool of water with the water from my waist to feets and my feets were dancing around like a fish that was flipping its tail joyously in the deep sea. I lost control of myself, I couldn’t stand anymore, at a point I thought I was about to crash down!

“Take a rest. Here is the direction to the morgue” one of the policeman said, handing me a piece of paper.

   I felt sober, at least at that time. The memories i shared with them clouded on me and poured down like a heavy rain. My partner at that time was my beer bottle. I had it on my mouth both day and night.

  Days paced by and it was almost two weeks since my parents demise. I digged my hand into my pocket in search of some notes to purchase my favourite drink, the only thing I could find was a piece of paper. The paper was wet and rough and the writings on it were no longer visible. I flunged the paper away and watched it fly waywardly to the floor. I was standing still, gazing endlessly at the paper as if my life depended on it, as if i would pass away if I took my eyes off it, as if the paper contained the direction to where my parents body were!

  I drowned down, my knees kissing the floor, my eyes stormy with tears. A week had passed and I totally forgot to claim their body! I had drank to stupor since the day the policemen visited me! Once again i disappointed my parents even at their death bed.
   There was a rush of thoughts in my head, the vehement one was to change, to turn a new leaf and that might make my parents happy, that might make them smile down at me from above. With this concluded, i swore to achieve every goal a good child should.

     But before I proceed any further i needed to clean up my father’s house that was in a huge mess as a result of my negligence. My father’s house……..???? no your house !, a voice whispered to me. The voice was right, it was now my house.

  The expression on my face changed! I didn’t realise how independent I was until now. My brain ran into rapture.

A party!” i imagined, “with all my friends! A full house party!”. I raced out to fetch my friends. It didn’t take long before my house became full. We partied till dawn, this repeated for numerous days, non-stop. Even when i ran out of funds to organise a party my friends invited their friends who had lots of money to waste.

   This didn’t last for long. The unexpected landed like a bomb dropped in the middle of a gathering……..

To be continued insha Allah.


“What is your predicament? Tell us please”, the old man asked, feeling concerned. I looked straight at the ceiling as i flashed back.

The Strange Visitor. (Story continues).

It was on a sunday morning, my parents had woken up early and I was still asleep in my room. I didn’t know what was going on but i rememberd that my dad showed up in my room as soon as i came back from a night club. He was trying to have a converstation with me or maybe deliver a news, but the alcohol in my system had made me seem like a person with deaf ears and confused brain. I couldn’t understand anything he was saying. But seeing them awake early the next morning made me realise that something was going on.

    The noise they created as they moved from one room to another woke me up. I struggled out of the bed with a dizzy head and made for the kitchen to fill my empty stomach. My dad emerged from his room, he paused and stared at me in disbelief almost as if i was supposed to be dead! I could judge from his eyes that he was surprised. He finally questioned me, asking why i wasn’t dressed for the trip.

“What trip?” i asked him

Just then my mom appeared from her room. I informed her that i was famished, but she replied back saying she hadn’t prepared any food and that we would stop at a eatery on our way to the village. They were still standing opposite eachother when i left them for my room. I grabbed a shirt and stepped out of the house.

I knew where my friends would be, at our favourite joint, drinking and smoking weed. My friends and i would spend day and night there, it was almost like our second home. I met my friends there and as usual we entertained ourselves with our alcoholic drink. We wasted our time gambling, and to make things worst i didn’t win for once, even when i did win i always ended up gambling it all away again!

    It was precisely 9:40 p.m when I got back back home, i was sure my parents had travelled. I got in with my own spare of key and laid on the bed till the next day. Usually i don’t wake up early, but on this particular day I did. It was because my sleep was interrupted by a bang on the door. It was really strange because every visitor that came always rang the bell. I knew my parents visitors would never bang on the door like that and my friends on the other hand don’t visit me as a result of the experience they had with my dad.

  I was really exhausted, my eyes were red and sore, making me look like a bush warrior. Every bang on the door increased my anger and I was sure that who ever was at the door would race away on seeing me.
   The door opened quickly as soon as i held the lock and pulled it to myself. To my greatest surprise, i saw my biggest nightmare! Now i am the one to run! I wanted to run, to vanish into the thin air, but they blocked the exist door. They weren’t one or two but three of them!

   One of the policemen held a piece of paper firmly. I was wondering what i had done to attract the police. The police don’t just visit you, unless you have done something really terrible.

“Are you the son of mr & mrs Ibe?” One of the three policemen asked me.

  Their question gave me the answer i required. My parents must have called them and instructed them to arrest me, to imprison me! They were going to disown me! I wasn’t the kind of child they wanted. Being their only child they expected me to be a bookworm but I wasn’t. After high school i refused to apply for admission into college, rather I gallivanted with my friends and involved ourselves in all types of atrocities.

“Your parents……….” the policeman spoke and paused as soon as I interrupted him.

“I know. They want me arrested. You are free, i won’t struggle, i will save you the stress. Here, cuff me, take me away” i said……..

*to be continued In Sha Allah*

Voice Of Reasoning…continues…

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The Strange Man. Continues…

“We found it unusually strange seeing you standing here while the prayer was in progress. What might be the problem?, the man asked me.

And for the first time in a long time someone finally asked me what my problem was . Now i must tell him my problem, the problem that have made my life miserable.

“I am in a big predicament, i am lost and confused. I need help!” my lips uttered the words like a sick person that have been waiting for the right time to throw up, to vomit every little thing that have made my life a living hell!

“You’ve come to the right place, glory be to God. Follow me please” the man said, holding me by my arm and leading me into the crowded room.
    Minutes later i was squatting beside the old man that i refer to as their leader. The old man greeted me and i replied. After observing them, i became inquisitive.

As much as i would like my problem to be solved by these strange people, i would also like to know who or what they are.

“What are you?” i asked the old man as if he was not of this world.

“I am a muslim” the old man replied.

Muslim? I have heard of them, but i had no idea what their deal was.

“Is that the name of your religion?” i asked further.

“No. The name of my religion is islam and a follower is called a muslim” he elaborated.

This is a strange religion. I was only familiar with christainity which my parents practised and also about those who worshipped objects, the pagans. I didn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being, but i was aware that the christains believe that there was a God. I also knew that the pagans worshipped objects, animals and people who they call their idols. Now I needed to ask the old man who their God is.

“Who is your God?”

“He is God, The One and Only God, The Eternal Absolute. He begetteth not, Nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him”.

The qualification of their God was so exact, it loudly stressed out that their God was only the One worthy of worship and firmly expressed that He was not given birth to nor does he give birth to.

“What is you God name?” i asked, feeling more interested in this God. The old man cleared his throat, recited the ninety nine names of his God.

The beauty of the names left me crying, i sobbed, trying to avoid bursting out crying. When he was through with the recitation he held my hand and said,

“Now is my turn to question you”

“Go ahead” i said.

“Who are you and what is your predicament?”

“Who i am is not important. My predicament transcends my personality” i replied.

“What is your predicament? Tell us please” the old man asked, feeling concerned.

I looked straight at the ceiling as i flashed back.



The Voice Of Reasoning..

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The strange man.

I woke up one morning, although it wasn’t bright yet…the time was probably 3 am. I didn’t really sleep at all, the feeling that something wasn’t right kept crawling in my mind. I was sitting crosslegged with my jaw resting on my palms as I srutinized my room slowly like a despondent young man, which i was.
   My room was four cornered with no much difference from a small cell, it was a small apartment i rented out of desperation. The room lacked a friendly look and wasn’t shy to portray my miserable life style. At the left corner of the room opposite my bed was a standing fan that kept rotating like a security light on a tower. Scattered around my room were two gallons, five empty rusty pots and a small stove and some utensils.
   I wasn’t admiring my collections, i was rather reminiscing about my current predicament. It was a predicament i placed upon myself without realising it. I was struggling to survive on my own….i had nobody, though i once had, but they had left me!

  I was still engrossed in my self pity when from afar I heard a man calling me. The man was inviting me… summoning me to come! Jumping up from my bed i realised that someone was there afterall, someone who might stay forever…forever might be never, but presently, this very second; forever is now. I glanced at my wristwatch….it was precisely 4:45 a.m. My front door opened as i turned the key and held the door handle down. Searching desperately, I strained my eyes into the dark street, looking for the man. Haplessly I couldn’t see nor hear him anymore. I felt despondent again! He left same way the others had left. The way they left me out in the dark, alone!

  My door was almost shut when i saw some young boys and elderly men waltzing to same direction, some in group. It was strange!

Maybe these people are like me. Maybe they are searching for the same man I had heard” i reasoned. “They must be in great predicament like me to have woken up this early”.

With that thought, in a flurry i grabbed a shirt and ran out to join these strangers that I share the same pain with. I followed these strangers until they entered a big building. Standing at the gate of the building….feeling confused and lost, i rubbed my two eyes as if I had just woken up.

“What has come over me?!” I thought, “what am I doing following strangers in the dark when the world around is still asleep!”.

  I turned away from the building, staring at the empty street. I was new in this neighbourhood as i have just moved in a few days back and was totally unaware of the calibre of people in this little vicinity. “I better go home now while I still can” I said to myself.

I glanced at the building inwhich the group of people had entered, ” But what really goes on in there? It will be a waste if I come all the way here without finding out what goes on in there. Moreover the strange man might be inside”.

I walked inside.

A few of the group of people i had followed were sitted opposite a running tap.

I had a sit too.

The man beside me began washing himself from his palm to his head then finally his legs.

I immitated him. “Maybe one has to be clean inorder to get into the main building” i  imagined.

The man stood up, moved his lips silently as if reciting an incantation then departed for the main building where everyone else gathered.

I was standing by the door, staring into the full room. A man came from behind me, gazed at me cheerfully then stopped as he pulled his shoes. Another man approached from behind, the two men exchanged greetings, “peace be upon you” the latter man greeted, “peace be upon you” the other man replied as they walked hurriedly and joined the others.

I was amazed. Each of them kept smiling as if everything was perfect and probably would remain that way, but also kept hurrying as if there was no time and something needed their immediate attention. How i wish I could smile like them, to be relieved.

Another man appeared from behind me, he was a bit old and his jaw were covered with white beards. The crowd roused up as soon as the man was in their midst. The strange man I had heard calling me spoke up again. The man repeated the words he had said before but only in a little faster way. It was hard and rather impossible to point him out from the crowd.

I stared at them from the exist door, I couldn’t enter. I wasn’t sure if I was scared to enter or because I was too busy admiring their amazing act! The old man that I could refer to as their leader was reciting something. I didn’t know what he was singing, but just the way he sang made me sob unconciously.

It was as if he was singing and at the same time drumming and playing a soft tune from a violin to make his recitation sweet and melodious.

   Then like soldiers on their training ground they all prostrated with their palm resting on their knees. They roused up from their prostration and down they went, bowing their head. They raised their head and were in a sitting position,within three seonds as if timed they bowed down their head again. They rouse up and were standing once more.

The old man started singing again. His melliflous voice attacked my heart, arrested my mind and soul. Without protestation i surrendered joyfully. It was as though my heart was being wiped clean with magical words, spreading a sense of relief throughout my entire body. It was an invigorating experience. I felt like angels were present and were blessing each soul that imbibed the old man singing.

  The old man stopped singing and they all prostrated. They repeated what they had done the first time, but this time they didn’t stand up after the second bowing. They remained sitted. Finally I saw them turning their head from right to left like the standing fan in my room.
  I was standing, transfixed, gazing at them with watery eyes. One of the men had looked back, towards where i was standing. The man moved closer to the old man whose rather melliflous voice must be complimented. They whispered to eachother, some minutes later everyone in the room were staring at me!

Run! Run! Run!, my head beseeched me.

I was petrified, my legs were shaking, feeling so heavy and stuck to the ground! I couldn’t move or run! What will these people do to me? Its late! Its dark! Oh my God!

One of the men approached me. The man’s moustache were cut, he had lot of beards around his jaw like the old man.

Even as my legs had failed me from running, i still felt at ease as soon as the the man smiled and said, “peace be upon you”. And as if the words had some magic spells of healing i felt my legs back and strong, ready to run if the need arises.

“Peace be upon you too”, i replied the man………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


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